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Congratulations to Doug Stewart RCDD, OSP, NTS, DLC on his selection to the BICSI OSP Standards Setting Study Team.

Exciting times are ahead in 2018. Work begins on several Homeland Security infrastructure project for remote audio, video and process control water treatment facilities throughout the Southwest. An expansion to the City of Tucson's existing Optical WAN system in the Metro area and ongoing efforts to bring PoE Lighting along with Wireless and Access Control as a Service

New Inovations

802.11 and 5g Small Cell are the hot ticket items, Along with traditional systems offering as services. With the rapid advancement in technology, it is prudent to understnad the CAPX/OPX values of WaaS, AaaS and Laas for your new and existing buildings. Give us a call and we will bring you and your team up to speed.

2019 Look ahead

It looks like 2019 will see more work in security and AV as these systems are becoming moew IP Centric. With generation 3 PoE Switchs coming, your office is apoit to lose it tradivional 12v AC power for Power over Ethernet. Ary you ready?

Some of our future projects are:

Pasqua Yaqui Smart Building Health Center

Regional Transportation Data Network Upgrade

Metro Water Homeland Security

New Schools - Vail School District

Southern Arizona Small Cell Services